The Conquering Life Programme in Weybridge

The Conquering Life programme is a “personal development programme” for helping you to change any “limiting beliefs” that you may have. Edward is a fully Licensed and Approved Consultant delivering the full course of the Programme out of his Consultancy in Weybridge.

This programme has already helped thousands of people to completely change the way they THINK and FEEL about themselves and to alter their internal belief systems to ones of: Health, Happiness and Success.

Let’s Talk About You and Me

Let’s Talk About You and Me Love is a beautiful thing, it fills us with butterflies, warm fuzzy feelings and unbridled passion. Those feelings are all you really need in the beginning of a new relationship - that connection and chemistry overpowering anything and...
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Living in the Now

Living in the Now Last week I spoke about decisions and changes and with that often comes the desire to plan everything. That’s because we want to control what’s going to happen - generally it comes from a fear of the unknown. We can find ourselves in a spiral if we...
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Making a Choice

Making a Choice     We're led to believe that in life there are always two options, the right/good one and the wrong/bad one. It's the concept of good and evil reflected into the way our society perceives decisions. If you make the right decisions you'll be...
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The Importance of Mourning

The Importance of Mourning   This week has been a week of mourning for me and those around me, a week of a looming separation, of a relationship ending and the loss of a wonderful and influential life. All things that warrant and deserve mourning. Anything that...
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Mistakes…When you’re to Blame

Mistakes...When you’re to Blame This week I made a mistake, or perhaps better said a bad judgement call. Last week I spoke about taking responsibility for one’s life and this week I was faced with just that - taking responsibility for something I did wrong. I won’t go...
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The Unexpected and Taking Responsibility For Your Life.

The Unexpected and Taking Responsibility For Your Life. Life is full of the unexpected, it takes turns that we never planned on or thought to hope for. It’s a mixed bag of unexpected, sometimes it’s wonderful and sometimes it isn’t. A lot of the time it reflects what...
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Conquering Fear

Conquering Fear This weekend I listened to a radio show that was talking about fear and it’s place in modern society. It was a subject that immediately grabbed my attention. As we all know in times long ago we needed fear to activate our instincts, fear was how we...
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Conquering Sorry

Conquering Sorry If there were a motto for humanity today one of the most serious contenders would be, “I'm sorry.” We say it repeatedly over the course of the day and only a few times, out of the many times we say it, is in an instance in which we need to apologize....
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Finding Ourselves In Uncertainty

Finding Ourselves In Uncertainty In life we are in constant flux of uncertainty because life is always moving and transforming. We look for places, people and things to anchor ourselves in because we fear that the sea of change will carry us away. Why do we fear the...
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Saying No!

Saying No! Here at Conquering Life, we’re often encouraging people to say “Yes!”- Yes to change, yes to improving their lives and yes to new adventures, but, this week I want to talk about the importance of saying “no”. Sometimes saying no equates to standing up for...
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Conquering Life has helped people to:

  • Overcome Emetophobia – the Fear of Being Sick
  • Successfully Stop Smoking
  • Beat Depression
  • Improve Self Esteem
  • Overcome Anxiety
  • Improve Confidence
  • Overcome Phobias
  • Lose Weight & Keep it off
  • Develop a Greater Sense of Personal Control
  • Beat Social Anxiety
  • and many, many more…

In fact there is really no limit to what Conquering Life can help you to change or overcome, as long as your “problem” is purely down to the “way you think” (rather than an actual medical problem), then you can learn to change the way that you think that may have either given rise to your symptoms, or is keeping your symptoms going.

I would go as far as to say that even if you do have a genuine medical, physiological problem, that learning the principles of Conquering Life will almost certainly help you to cope more effectively with your medical problem too.

Conquering Life is a Programme for Changing Limiting Beliefs

Cognition is the technical word that describes our process of “thinking and evaluating” that has a proven and direct impact upon the way that we feel (experience given situations). For many people the idea that our feelings and emotions might be directly derived from the way that we think may seem rather a far-fetched notion, but it has been widely understood that this is in fact the case. If you are ever referred for a “talking” therapy by your Doctor you will almost certainly be sent to see a practitioner of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) or Counsellor who will help you to examine your “unhelpful” thoughts and to devise strategies for changing those thoughts.

Conquering Life is like advanced training programme that goes into great detail about YOU and how your specific “thinking styles” and “approaches” may have contributed to the problems that you face today. It then provides you will practical tools & techniques for bringing about the changes that you want. Thrive is NOT therapy.

Come Along for a FREE Chat!

We offer all prospective clients who are thinking about following the Conquering Life Programme with us a FREE 45 minutes consultation during which we will outline what it’s like to follow the course. It’s a great opportunity for us to meet without you being under any obligation.

Just pick-up the phone and give me a call on: 07460 802165 or  e-mail me at:

Justin Anstead

Where are you now?

Fairly easy answer that one and it’s called a happy place. The pressures around me are still there but also are the skills to cope with them in a much better way than before. There is the occasional slip up but hey no one’s perfect and the ability is there now to understand this and come out the other side with a positive attitude.

Anna Anstead

Where are you now?

My self-esteem and confidence is much better. I have recently completed a Coursera course on Learning how to Learn, and I am halfway through a Music course! The horrible depression has lifted and I am much better placed to help my sons. I am continuing with my meditation (I am also doing this with a group – which I would have been unable to do before I started Thrive!) and I have started a new course of medication to help with my ongoing physical problems. Although the family stresses are still there, I am in a better place and I am able to cope with them on a daily basis.

Berna Malik

Where are you now?

I feel confident and very proud of myself for being able to overcome being shy.

I feel a lot more confident than i was at the beginning.

The Workbook helped me see the change, and I AM REALLY PROUD OF MYSELF!

I. M

Where are you now?

I have made great progress with identification of my thought process.

I have become more aware of my reactions.

I am habitually evaluating my belief systems.

The journey continues with guiding principals from my consultation sessions and my all time reference workbook.


Mark Treherne

Where are you now?

On the road to redefining behaviours and outlooks in life. Still struggle at times with inner voice and taking over / being dominant but on balance feel more in control.